Coolsculpting – the coolest non-invasive fat-reduction treatment

Coolsculpting uses enhanced cryolipolysis to target and eliminate stubborn fat with no surgery or downtime. The treatment uses controlled cooling to target and eliminate fat cells; especially those left unaffected by intense diets and exercises.

Why Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is an FDA-approved technology, with proven results that are visually significant and long-lasting. Look your best from every angle and get that slim, toned body you’ve always wanted with just one session of Coolsculpting.

How it works – Fat Freezing:

Fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than the surrounding tissue cells, meaning the controlled cooling used during the procedure only affects the fat cells in an area. Coolsculpting uses precise targeted cooling to gently freeze fat cells below the skin. The targeted fat cells freeze, causing them to crystalize, die and disintegrate.

The crystalized fat cells take a couple of weeks to disintegrate and to be naturally disposed of by the body. Over a period of a few weeks, as the body naturally processes the dead fat cells, the results of the procedure will start to be more visible. The results – a slimmer, more toned, fat-free new you.

Why Eternel Clinic?

As one of the first Clinics to offer Coolsculpting in the UAE, we take pride in our perseverance, as well as our expertise in non-surgical fat reduction and body contouring. Equipped with cutting edge fat freezing technology, along with the latest equipment and components from Coolsculpting®, we strive to offer the best in fat-reduction.

We house and use a range of applicators from Coolsculpting® to achieve the best results. The range of components we use include:

  • Cool Advantage
  • Cool Advantage Plus
  • Cool Smooth PRO
  • Cool Mini

Each Coolsculpting applicator is designed for optimal fat reduction in different areas of the body.

The Cool Advantage consists of three components – Cool Core, Cool Fit and Cool Curve+. Cool Coreis used to treat stubborn fat in the stomach area, Cool Fit for the inner thighs and arms, and the Cool Curve+ for love-handles and flanks.

The Cool Advantage Plus, like the Cool Advantage, is used to treat areas like the tummy and love-handles. However, the Cool Advantage Plus is used to target and effectively eliminate fat cells in larger areas of the body, with better contouring.

Cool Smooth PRO is used to eliminate fat and contour the outer thighs. This applicator is designed to target fat cells anywhere on the outer thigh and for contouring to make the thigh to look slim and toned.

The Cool Mini applicator is used to target and eliminate fat cells in small and difficult areas like the knee and submental area. Cool Mini is used mostly to treat and reduce double chins and to reduce stubborn fat around the outer knee area.

coolsculpting fat freezing for men dubai

Where do you start?

Our Coolsculpting procedures are tailor-made to best suit your needs. Get started with a free consultation with our expert to determine the specifics of your treatment. Each treatment plan Is designed to achieve maximum fat-reduction and the best contouring to make you look and feel your best. In most cases, one session is all it takes for extremely visible and long-lasting results, however, more than one session may be required for the best results.

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Sit back, relax and say goodbye to unwanted, stubborn fat. Based on your consultation, our specialist will determine the areas that need to be treated to achieve the best results. During your treatment, you can relax and read a book, check your social media or even watch a movie.


Since Coolsculpting is a completely safe non-surgical treatment, it requires no recovery time. This means that you can get back to doing anything you want immediately after the treatment.

The Result:

A Better You From Every Angle!

The result of the treatment starts to show a week or two after the treatment. It takes some time for the body to process the crystalized fat cells and for the results to begin to show. This includes naturally breaking down and eliminating the fat cells from the body. The results are extremely prominent after a few of months.

Look your best in any swimsuit, tight t-shirt or form-fitting dress. Get started and Book your Free Consultation today!

Learn more about Coolsculpting – the coolest way to lose stubborn fat or take a look at our other amazing body-contouring treatments.

*Results and patient experience may vary.

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