IV Infusion Therapy

With the latest clinically-tested and MOH-approved IV infusion technology, we offer a complete range of IV solutions that cater to all your beauty and wellness needs. From simple (yet extremely effective) energy boosters to carefully compounded skin glow and rejuvenation solutions, we have a handpicked selection of IV treatments that you can choose from.

IV Therapy Benefits?

Our IV infusion treatments are designed to safely administer essential vitamins and minerals, directly into the bloodstream. IV therapy can be used to help with the treatment of medical concerns like fatigue, blood iron deficiency, diabetics, and female hormone imbalance, as well as to achieve more aesthetic results, such as glowing skin and improved hair growth.

Our IV Cocktails:

We have a wide range of standard and personalized IV treatments, some of which include:

  • Energy Boost & Fitness Hydrating Support
  • Immune Boost & Hydration
  • Skin Rejuvenation & Glow
  • Anti-stress & Anti-oxidant
  • Hair Regeneration
  • Diabetic Support
  • Female Balance
  • Cardio Support
  • Memory Boost
  • Blood Boost
  • Vitamin Mix
  • Amino Acid (coming soon)
  • Liver Detox
  • Gut Healer
  • DMSO + MSM (coming soon)

Why Choose IV Infusion Procedures?

IV therapy is proven to be the fastest and safest way to infuse essential vitamins, minerals, and supplementary additives directly into the bloodstream. Our hand-picked range of treatments are designed to help you achieve your desired results – be it better immunity, radiant skin or improved hydration.

Why Us?

With the highest safety standards and personalized freshly-brewed IV cocktails for every treatment, we ensure that you enjoy your experience and achieve the best results possible. Your safety is our priority – our highly-skilled doctors leave no stone unturned.

Treatment Pre-Requisites:

To ensure that your treatment is smooth and safe, we follow a strict protocol that includes a mandatory consultation with our doctor for a primary analysis, and a blood test to check for factors that may affect your health or effectiveness of the treatment.

Note: The blood test is a one-time requirement, and a necessary precaution to avoid serious medical side-effects.

After your blood test results are reviewed and cleared, your treatment will continue as planned. Our doctor will work with you to develop a unique treatment plan to achieve the best results. We will also go over the minor details – including the “do’s & don’ts” – to prepare you for your treatment with us.

On the other hand, any contraindications found in your blood test may require some adjustment to your treatment plan or the components used in your IV cocktail. A few major concerns may void your eligibility for the treatment due to the high risks associated with that unique case.

*Note: Results and requirements may differ from patient to patient.

Where Do You Start?

With your consultation of course!

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F.A.Q’s (Frequently asked questions):

Have a question about our IV treatments? Read our frequently asked questions or request a call-back to talk to our staff.

Are IV Infusion Treatments Safe?

Yes, we take the highest safety precautions including preliminary tests and tailor-made IV cocktails for optimal results – eliminating the majority of the health risks usually involved.

What makes our IV Treatment different from other (more affordable) alternatives?

Unlike other IV treatments available at lower prices, the drips we used are aseptically prepared and are approved by the FDA. Our IV cocktails are also freshly prepared with components that can be customized and adjusted on a per-case basis.

Is it safe to get an IV Drip right before travelling?

We highly recommend getting an IV treatment done before travelling. Many people tend to pick up ailments from a wider exposure to pathogens that cause illnesses while travelling. IV Therapy delivers essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients directly into your bloodstream, strengthening your immunity system, protecting you from the possibility of infections and ailments.

How long till I see or feel the results?

Although IV Infusion has a much higher absorption rate than any other means of supplementation, we recommend a course of at least 5 sessions for significant results.

Does IV Therapy have any reaction to the medication I take?

The possibility of a reaction to oral drugs / supplements is not completely preventable. However, we take the extreme precautions to prevent such reactions or situations. Be sure to inform your doctor about any current medication or oral supplements you may be taking.

Vitamin IV Therapy pros and cons?

Our Vitamin IV treatments are personalized to suit your requirements based on a mandatory blood-test to rule-out most risks involved with any intravenous treatment. This and our strict quality measures ensure that you enjoy the pros of the treatment without worrying about the cons or risks involved.

The pros depend on the IV cocktail mix that you decide on, be it glowing skin, energy boost or a detox. Since the IV cocktails are tailor-made and freshly prepared just for you they are much more effective than other alternatives available.


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